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Monday, August 25, 2014


Unit 1: Basic Kitchen Skills
  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Safety and Sanitation in the Kitchen
  • Kitchen Equipment and Tools
  • Lab Preparation
  • Career Opportunities in Nutrition


Safety Test Grades: Passing Score is 75% or higher.
A re-test date will occur without any further notice. You should read your safety notes and keep studying the safety information to be ready at any time for retesting.

Sanitation Test Grades: Passing Score is 75% or higher.
A re-test date will occur without any further notice. You should read your sanitation notes and keep studying the sanitation information to be ready at any time for retesting.

Progress Grades: will be available before school or during Third Lunch. No discussion of grades will occur during class time.

Late classwork will only be accepted the next class after the due date. (25 point penalty will be assessed.)

Notebooks will be graded no less than twice each semester.


Classwork 40% - Includes all written assignments completed in class by individual or group as well as notebook inspections, warm-ups, and journal entries. Career Development Skills, will include classroom preparedness (uniforms, books, tools,etc.) work-based learning evaluations, shop duties, team work and peer relationships.

Homework 10% - Includes any written assignment any written assignments based on daily or weekly objectives completed outside the classroom by an individual or groups of students

Assessments 50% - Includes benchmark exams, unit test or quizzes, hands-on lab assignments and projects used to evaluate skill level performance.

What's In Your Foods Class Notebook?

Cover Sheet: Name (first and last) and Class Period
Table of Contents: Daily Entry of Classwork by date of each class, as listed on blackboard(Warm Up, Activities, and Closure)
Notebook should have divider sections:
1. Classwork = Chapter notes and vocabulary (graded during notebook checks only)
2. Warm Up and Closures = after they are graded; turn in each class to get your grade; not accepted late. If you are absent, get make up work with approved absent slip.
3. Handouts = FYI information sheets (Read and learn more about topics discussed)
4. Activities = Worksheets, group projects, individual projects, video notes (after they are graded)
5. Recipes = a copy of each food item made in class, and your personal collection of items that your group wants to make.
All materials should have holes punched and secured in your ring binder.
Your name and class period, along with the date of the work should appear on each and every page.